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With unmatched experience, our team is committed to providing independent and exclusive financial, estate and tax solutions.

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The Rosedale Group is committed to helping our clients reach their financial goals, while always acting with the integrity and professionalism expected by the discerning investor. By achieving our mission, we are the gold standard in comprehensive wealth management.

The Rosedale Group is a global wealth management practice that places value on getting it right. We are the exclusive and comprehensive family wealth manager that helps our clients achieve what is most important to them. We understand that high-value and key clients require a certain caliber of service that is above and beyond what is offered by brokers or even traditional investment advisors.

Our clients recognize the value of trusted advice as well as our coordinated and personalized approach to wealth preservation and creation. They generally come to us for our conservative investment approach, which focuses on preserving capital, generating income, and delivering steady long-term growth.

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The Rosedale Group offers a number of services to our clients. We rely upon a team of experts who we draw upon for specialized, integrated and global advice. On a regular basis, we utilize the resources of our experts, review the progress our clients are making towards their goals, and make necessary adjustments in their overall plan.

We are backed by a team of specialists within ScotiaMcLeod, as well as from Scotiabank strategic partners located in Toronto, New York and Mexico City. This allows us to access the required expertise to provide our clients with a comprehensive investment strategy across the global markets.

The goal of retirement income planning is to establish a life-long income stream that can support the lifestyle you desire, while also mitigating risk factors. We provide expert advice about registered retirement products, including RRSPs, RRIFs and annuities. We identify your retirement income need, review the assets and income stream available to fund your retirement and demonstrate how prudent withdrawal rates can extend the life of your investments.

Our Will and Estate Planners provide advanced knowledge of estate planning strategies and solutions. Working with your specific financial, legal and tax situations, the Will and Estate Planners help you achieve your testamentary goals in a tax-efficient and timely manner.

We have partnered with some of the best Financial Enterprise Planners and have developed customized succession plans for your family business. Succession planning is an important process and should not be overlooked.

Insurance solutions help define your complete financial strategy and deliver on our Client Commitment to provide you with recommendations that encompass your entire financial picture. The Insurance experts can provide technical knowledge and personal/corporate strategies relating to income and wealth enhancement, charitable gifting, income replacement and business coverage.

Our Tax Experts help you minimize the amount of tax you pay. We work with your existing team of professional advisors (accountants, lawyers, etc.) to provide continuity of expertise and knowledge.

We have the expertise needed to provide guidance on how to maximize the value of your Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs), and information about your other education savings options.

If you are committed to creating a meaningful legacy that warrants philanthropic advice or help in the creation of a foundation, we can draw on the expertise of the largest provider of expert philanthropic services to private foundations from within the Scotiabank Group. These specialists have the means and knowledge to guide you in making a lasting contribution for generations to come.

Top notch personal day-to-day banking services offered through your regular branch, or customized private banking services tailored to your needs for a fee—you can choose.

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Love Letter – February 2018

February 12, 2018

Interest rates may be rising but runway for global growth still long

2017 was a strong year for global markets as virtually every equity index finished well into positive territory. The reason for this is straightforward: co-ordinated global economic growth is occurring for the first time in many years, lifting business, consumer, and investor confidence to multi-year highs. It has taken much longer than expected, but the slashing of interest rates after the 2008-2009 financial crisis is only now having the intended widespread stimulative effect. Indeed, initial estimates indicate that 2017 global GDP expanded at the fastest pace in six years and expectations are for further acceleration in 2018.

With global economies having been rescued by prolonged ultra-low interest rate policy, central banks have now understandably turned their attention to removing this unprecedented level of stimulus. Some central banks such as the U.S. Federal Reserve, Bank of Canada, and Bank of England have already started to gradually raise rates. The European Central Bank, Bank of Japan, and Chinese central bank have yet to start. With short-term rates in Europe and Japan still sitting at -0.4% and -0.1%, respectively, pressure is building for these economies to begin removing emergency-era stimulus (exhibit 1). We would interpret a decision to raise rates in these latter regions as a vote of confidence by central bankers. Read More…

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The Rosedale Group

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